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Note !

The control has been merged with the WinRT XAML Toolkit and is now available on NuGet.
Please use the toolkit version of the control. The WinRT XAML Calendar project will not be maintained.

Project Description
WinRT XAML Calendar control ported from the Silverlight Toolkit's Calendar control for Silverlight 4.

Get the source code from here and put it in your solution. NuGet package might come in the future if there is enough interest.

Use the discussions or issue tracker tabs for slow feedback. Otherwise - you can contact me via twitter to get a quick answer to your question.

This is just a quick port of the Calendar control from the Silverlight Toolkit. It works with WinRT XAML apps, but should be scaled with a Viewbox control or retemplated to be usable with touch. It does not follow Metro design guidelines too closely. It should be a good enough start though if you need a calendar control in your Windows 8 XAML app.

See also
ComponentOne's Calendar control: here

The Calendar control is provided as is without any warranties etc.

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